Reveal Peel at Home Kit


Give your skin a boost with our DIY Skin Peel Kit.  Using two natural and effective skin peels, lactic, and glycolic acid with step by step instructions for use.

When you cannot get to your skin therapist or your skin needs a little more than just an exfoliator, this kit gives you four skin peel treatments, one a week for four weeks to give your skin a boost and glow that everyone talks about.

These mild peels will also prepare your skin so when you have a skin treatment with your therapist the results will be amplified.

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Packaged in a Rose Gold bag:

  • Glycolic Acid 30% Peel 10ml
  • Lactic Acid 30% Peel 10ml
  • Neutralising Solution 20ml
  • Brightening & Even Tone Booster 15ml
  • Moisture Boost Mask 50ml
  • Glass Bowl & Gauze for treatment


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